About Gallinagh Finn Valley Nursery

Gallinagh Finn Valley Nursery Ltd was established in 1986. It was established on the existing family farm in the Backleas area in Stranorlar, Co.Donegal. It consists of almost 10 acres of field production, five polytunnels, plant area and a potting shed.

Our Story

Over the Years

1980's - Early 2000's

As a field production nursery we grew forestry species for new forestry plantations. We predominantly grew Sikta Spruce as well as hardwoods and other softwoods. Almost 90% of the forestry trees that were planted in new private forestry plantations at this time were from the nursery at the Backleas.

Early 2000's - 2015

A new challenged faced us as the demand for forestry planting decreased. We diversified and began growing hedging and trees for the agriculture schemes such as REPs and GLAS. This was predominantly made up of Hawthorn and native hardwoods.

A new opportunity arose at this, commercial landscaping. We took on many projects like the bypass in Mountcharles, Aldi and Lidl stores across Donegal and even in Dublin as well as many others.

2015 - Present

We began specialising in the propagation and growing of ornamental hedging which includes Laurel, Privet, Griselina, etc.

We began further development of the garden centre on site at the nursery and specialise in the growing of shrubs, perennials, fruit trees and plants, and ornamental trees.

Meet The Team

Tony Gallinagh


Tony qualified in forestry from Avondale in Co.Wicklow. His wife Ailish was renowned florist in Donegal for many years. Tony gained experience across the island of Ireland from Monaghan to Cork in the forestry sector. On his early retirement he established Gallinagh Finn Valley Nursery.

Tony is a renowned forestry expert across Donegal and the west of Ireland.

Tony can be still seeing in the nursery leading a hand and dealing with clients.

John Gallinagh


John qualified in agriculture from Monaghan. John is Tony’s son and took over the reins of the nursery in the mid-2000s. As well as continuing to manage the family farm. John was a competitor on Feirm Factor in 2008.

John’s role is customer sales and managing the business

The Farm

The main two enterprises are a suckler herd and breeding ewe flock. We farm almost 60 acres of lowland production. Lambing commences in February and calving is over two intervals Autumn and Spring.

Although the farm could be home to an assortment of animals pigs, goats, and hens.